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State Of Grace

So strangeIt’s funny howWe came to meetThose eyes uncannyWere my invitationI couldn’t waitI couldn’t waitTo hold you like a babyIs this what it feels likeYou are here nowOh but ICan’t seem to find our state of graceWho knows tomorrow may never comeOne touch, one look that is all it takesThese things forever change usThis is


The princess and the liarHer dress is catchin’ fireDaddy’s little lemon ain’tAll she’s meant to beI almost made you jumpThe trust you so desireMy love is tasting bitter’cause it almost set you freeThe princess and the liarHer dress is catchin’ fireDaddy’s little lemon ain’tAll she seems to meYou’re heading for the crashIt’ll be right here

Just Like You Said

HmmmmmmmmmmmmI,I amSo unsureEvery minute that waitsEvery second that I’m awayFrom youAnd loveIs a way thatHas no rulesKnow that I’m loving youEven if it’sA fool that waits in vainWaits in vainYesterday it hit meI felt we were slipping awaySay you if you can it’s okayJust like you said way thenSometimes I fallAnd I feel likeI don’t

No Easy Way

Close your heartClose your eyesFake a kiss andSay goodbyeWhen you know it’s not the wayAnd you’re leaving home todayAnger risesThe deed is doneJust to say youCan’t go onWhen you know that’s not the wayYet you’re leaving home todayIf I see a tear in your eyeIt’s an easy wayTo say goodbyeYou’re afraidSo you lieSometime this will

Latest Craze

WarmthSecurityAnd all that comes with itStill you’re wonderin’How it ever felt this goodWhen you do it by daylightIn companyOr even by yourselfIf they tell you It gets harderThen somthing’s rightBut trust meIf you’re feeling itIt gets easier by the nightWhen you do it in daylightOr even sometimes in companyThat’s okayBut if it felt the sameA


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