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So this ain’t the end –I saw you again todayHad to turn my heart awayYou smiled like the Sun –Kisses for everyoneAnd tales – it never fails! You lying so low in the weedsBet you gonna ambush meYou’d have me down on my kneesWouldn’t you, Barracuda? Back over Time when we were allTrying for freeMet


AngelsAngelsThey didn’t want to be, but suddenly they’re freeAngelsAngelsI hear them in the trees I wish that one was me I watch clouds roll overheadNo, it’s me that moves insteadRound and round and roundClouds are faces I can seeI can see they’re seeing meI can tell cause we know each other wellWe know each other

Lighter Touch

Look at me, the answer is so clearLying close by the fire placeI wish that you could see yourself this wayMy love, with the firelight upon your face. Ain’t it strange how love put things together?One like you, someone like me.But no one ever moved me like the way you doAnd held against you, love

Bright Light Girl

I know a womanNever knew no one like herShe said "The world’s made up of angelsBeautiful and fair." She would give you anythingGive it all awayJust for one half momentBelieving love would stay You’re a bright light girlShine into his worldHow you know your love is coming trueYou’re a bright light girlIn a disbelieving worldNow

Mother Earth Blues

Well- you can have me all the timeOr you can never come my wayBut Mother Earth is waiting for youThere’s a debt you’ve got to payI don’t care how rich you areI don’t care what you earnYou know that when it all comes downYou’ve got to go back to Mother Earth You know you may


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