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crucified for eternal sins re-invent myself shape my alter skin try to break the mold severed hold first you find your threshold bevelsbreathing out your toxic levels ?lung so rope is hanginnow we know what’s comin oh superman where have you gone with a little more time and a six leaf clover just a little

My Engine Is With You

what makes it go round the way we’re up and down we’re minutiae staring at the whole sky battle sense to keep you apprehensive i guess no one is the same we’re all through different lenses the bladder will filter all the pain and the gut has sides you can’t restrain you are everything to


we got the soul we got the honey stayed alive we keep on running house is on fire with petrol stain we stay on the move ahead of the flames we are the new accelerators faster we go before they make us maybe we did maybe maybe we don’t we see your face as you


let it slide overhead when i believe in you my soul can rest but our love it’s really love it never fades but fade it does when we shine like the sun you seem the only one my only friend [chorus] so pretty in white pretty when you’re faithful so pretty in white pretty when


watch the water feed the soil so the circle is complete see what you have become is the earth beneath my feet i’ll bring in the stains your alabaster feet what’s the space between what you want and what you need so you’ll never be lonely again never be lonely again waiting for this love


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