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Angie, Angie, when will those clouds all disappear? Angie, Angie, where will it lead us from here? With no loving in our souls and no money in our coats You can’t say we’re satisfied But Angie, Angie, you can’t say we never tried Angie, you’re beautiful, but ain’t it time we said good-bye? Angie, I


Baby, baby, I’ve been so sad since you’ve been gone Way back to New York City Where you do belong Honey, I missed your two-tone kisses Legs wrapped around me tight If I ever get back to Fun City, girl I’m gonna make you scream all night Honey, honey, call me on the telephone I

Can You Hear The Music

Can you hear the music, can you hear the music? Can you feel the magic hangin’ in the air? Can you feel the magic? Oh, yeah Love is a mystery I can’t demystify, oh, no Sometimes I wonder why we’re here But I don’t care, I don’t care Can you hear the music, can you

Silver Train

Silver train is a comin’ Think I’m gonna get on now, oh, yeah Silver train is a comin’ Think I wanna get on now, oh, yeah, oh, yeah Silver rain is a fallin’ Fallin’ up around my house, oh, yeah Silver rain is a fallin’, fallin’ up around my house, oh, yeah, oh, yeah And

Dancing With Mr. D

Down in the graveyard where we have our tryst The air smells sweet, the air smells sick He never smiles, his mouth merely twists The breath in my lungs feels clinging and thick But I know his name, he’s called Mr. D. And one of these days he’s gonna set you free Human skulls is


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