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Strength of a Woman

Hey! Remember me,We’ve got a date with destinyWe’re falling down my human raysWe’re searching for amazing grace When the cup is half emptyMake it half fullThere’s an underground riverShaping us all [Chorus:]Step by stepHour by hourWhat we’ve got is a woman’s powerDay by dayBelieve in youIn what you want and what you doIt’s the strength

Bag It Up

I like chocolate and controversyHe likes Fridays and bad companyI like midnight, it’s when I’m in the moodHe likes the morning, that’s when he’s rude Just a bad case of opposite sexHave to look to the starsAll we need is a little respectCos Men are from Venus and Girls are from Mars Bag It UpDon’t

Lift Me Up

Watch the first light kiss the New WorldIt’s a wonder, baby like you and IAll the colours of the rainbowGoing somewhere, baby like you and IIt’s going to be alrightBut when my clouds sky over (Lift Me Up) When the day is over(Take me up) When the sun is going down(Show me love) I will


Treat me right, keep me safeShow me love, I’ll embraceIf you take me home, where I was bornI’d find peace of mind, somehowLook for light for your conceptionLay me down for your inspectionSomehow we’ll find a waySometime but not todayThere’s somethin’ I need to saySomehow we’ll find a wayI wish this was yesterdayThen maybe tomorrow

It's Raining Men

Humidity is rising Barometer’s getting low According to our sources The street’s the place to go Cause’ tonight for the first time Just about half past ten For the first time in historyIt’s gonna start raining men It’s raining menHallejulahIt’s raining menAmen It’s raining menHallejulahIt’s raining menAmen Humidity is rising Barometer’s getting low According to


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