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Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

La la laLa la la la laLa la laLa la la la la I just can’t get you out of my headBoy your loving is all I think aboutI just can’t get you out of my headBoy it’s more than I dare to think about La la laLa la la la la I just can’t

Burning Up

Down to the discoEverything stopsWalking in soloEveryone drops Hey summer madnessTotally coolMy heart starts racingWhen i see you I’m burning up babyI’m burning upCan you feel it burning me My pulse is pumpingMy heart may burstIf you drink me up i’mGonna quench your thirst You’re not honestNo you’re not that niceBut if i kiss you

More More More

Here am I with my desireFeel it burning just for youMy, oh my, this love divineis talking me to somewhere new Just slideGet your body down, down, downAnd glideI gotta feel you all around Boy you got me wanting more, more, moreGive it all up for love babeYou got me saying more, more, moreWind me

Come Into My World

Come, come, come into my worldWon’t you lift me up, up, high upon your love Take these arms that were made for lovin’And this heart that will beat for twoTake these eyes that were meant for watching over youAnd I’ve been such a long yime waitingFor someone I call call my ownI’ve been chasing the


Good times bad times baby you’re in troubleYou stole my heart and you’re given me upAnd we’re not even friends so how can we be loversI wanna know the truth’cause I’ve had enoughI’m sick and tired of pleasing youHave I had your loveIs that the best you can doYou can dream of changing my mindBut


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