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Gimme Some More

YeahAs a shorty playing in the front yard of the cribFell down, and I bumped my headSomebody helped me up and asked me if I bumped my headI said "Yeah"So then they said "Oh so that mean we gon, you gon switch it on em’?"I said "Yeah, Flipmode, Flipmode is the greatest"Knowing as a shorty,

Iz They Wildin' Wit' Us & Getting' Rowdy Wit'

ft. Mystikal Yeah yeahFix that guitar shitYeah [25x]Ay yo Mystikal(Here I go wha)Iz they getting’ rowdy wit’ usIz they wildin’ wit usYeah yeahFlipmode nigga (wha)No Limit nigga (wha)Flipmode nigga (wha)No Limit nigga (wha)Flipmode niggaYo yo yo (Here we go) [Mystikal:] Coincide with yo boy check out with no linesOn yo boy look out but don’t

Take it Off

Take off your shoesMake you dance in your socksFor blocksNigga be dippin a million.What, hot!Better pause and take a look.There’s a whole lot of whores.Run up in a storm.Bitch a try to take you for yours for sure. Word up yo!And just get what you can.Catch it, so just play it on a recordAnd take

Just Give It To Me Raw

Straight bang up your head shit withPhenomenal swing like the ass on a black chickFat dick to all of y’all niggas with whack clicksHoping they whip paper like a classicLow budget black flickLast victim that I caught was fucking my last chickShe hit me off, nearly made me bust through my plasticTook the loot that

Everybody Rise

[Intro:]New York, Jersey, Philly, B-more, D.C.Virginia, Atlanta, everybody rise!!! Cmon!N.C., L.A., Texas, Detroit, Chicago, Miami, N.O., Cleveland, rise!!! Cmon!Denver, Boston, Nashville, Seatle, Albany, Kansas city, everybody rise!!! Cmon! Buffalo, St. Louis, New Haven, Kentucky, Oakland, Phoenix, Vegas, everybody rise!!! Cmon! I’ll be that live motherfucker from the flipmode squadthat readjusts this shit properly and hits


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