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Guilty as sin, yes I confessI can’t denyStrong in the heart, weak in the fleshI never meant to do you wrong I swear the soul gets blistered along the wayBut when you hurt the things you loveYou gotta know If you mean hope, if you mean fearOf those words that you’ve been longing to hearIf

Paper Sun

Does it hurt to remember Does it help to forget Do you know what you started When you lit the fuse of regret There’s not a reason why you’ve come undone There’s nothing left to justify, this can’t go on There’s nothing left inside as I walk this broken land Cause you’re living on a

Kings Of Oblivion

Cold nights, dark daysLove moves in mysterious waysIt’s so sweet like a mother’s tongueWhose symphony protects her youngBut this truth ain’t what it seemsCause you and I have different dreamsYou rise up but you never learnAs we try to shake this sleep that burns The darkness screams its icy breathAs daylight dies a thousand deaths

It's Only Love

Na na na na na na na na naNa na na na na na na na na If you could feel what I feelIf I could make you seeIf you could need like I needI’d be the air that you breathe You go straight to my head as I lie in my bedI just can’t

Back In Your Face

Hey! Hey! Hey! I’m back in your face like I’ve never been away I’m back in your face and it’s where I’m gonna stay Like a runaway mack, lika a union jack I’m back Hey! Hey! I can stand tall, I can stick out a mile I can come crawlin’ like a hungry reptile I’m


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