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Nothing To Lose

INTRO: Gotta take a chance Gotta make a move Got everything to gain And nothing to lose Ah – nothing to lose 1a: Last night I fell asleepI made up my mind What I would say to you, and This time I’d make you see It’s her or me Nothing can come between us 1b:

Telltale Signs

1: You never send me flowers You don’t wanna hold my hand When I was sad or lonely You used to understand Maybe these are the tell tale signs Of our love slipping away 2: You never say you love me You never kiss me anymore When I come home late You never meet me

I’m Over Dreaming (Over You)

(Ohh, when you treat me like you do) 1a: You’re stringing me along With just a hope to carry on That hurts me And you know I’ve tried To keep my tears held back inside 1b: But why am I waiting for you When you treat me like you do CHORUS: You can’t keep me

Heaven & Earth

1: I don’t really wanna be the one To tell you time is running out Because it’s obvious Just a move with the right intention Is all that it takes I don’t really need to be the one To tell you things are going wrong Because it’s obvious But a step in the right direction

Tears On My Pillow

1: You don’t remember me But I remember you T’was not so long ago You broke my heart in two CHORUS: Tears on my pillow Pain in my heart Caused by you 2: If we could start anew I wouldn’t hesitate I’d gladly take you back And tempt the hand of fate CHORUS 3: Love


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