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Apple Shampoo

She didn’t mean to deceive you believe meBut sometimes the hardest part is conceivingThe good intentions that you hadnow only came to thisand although she saw the mark the arrow missed It isn’t exciting reciting the storiesOf kind words turned hurtingWhen routine gets boringBoth getting tired of punk rock clubsAnd both playing in punk rock


A freight train to the rightfeeling that sting of prideIt’s fucking with me it’s fucking with youAll’s fair in love and waruntil you say it isn’t but you’re wrongWords on the back of flyersMy clothes are in the dryerIt means nothingNothing is changing La familia is dead and goneThe children grew up and moved on


You don’t need nothingand I know that you won’t even tryDon’t wait for me to help youit’s too late for any of my advice No trustAll I got is liesBoringall right Misplaced your valuesForgot the importance of being rightdon’t sit there and act humbleI’ve heard your story a thousand times No trustAll I got is


Crossed the streetnaked at nightBent over to show some moonlightPulled out some beer and gulped it downNude in a gutter is how I was foundThrown in a police car and the door slammedno noise just silence as I screamed my dick was jammedNow in prison for one month no one to seeAll I got is

I’m Sorry

Don’t bide your time‘Cause it is almost overAnd I know you’re downAnd I’ll see you around And I know it hurtsBut you’re just getting olderAnd I know you’ll winYou’ll do it once again Just yesterdayIt always seemed like such a dreamWe’re unstoppable, indestructableNothing happens to our machine And there’s no harmAt least nothing I can


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