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Bitch Niggaz

[Dre] Some good-ass weed! [Snoop Dogg]Check it out Dogg; this game is a motherfuckin trip manWord on the streetsEverybody always tryin to run up on mehollerin about word on the street is dis nigga said dis..Man I don’t give a FUCK about what that nigga said man!That’s what’s wrong with you niggaz, you niggaz is

Been There, Done That

I been there – been there Done that – done that You got guns? – we got guns… Yo, I got straps – we got straps… A million muthafuckas on the planet Earth talk that hard bullshit – ’cause it’s all they worth… No question, it’s all about the D – O – E. So

Light Speed

[Dr. Dre]Hey, yo whassup?My name is DreCan I blaze some Chonic witchu? [girl]Nigga what? FO’ SHO’!Roll that shit up! [Dr. Dre]Hell yeah, still "Alwayz Into Somethin’"Heart still in ComptonThe comp can’t oppose, dope Cali platinum classicalsIntroduced you to my Doggs, that don’t love hoesand Firm Fiascoes – assholesFucked you up with my last video, tuxed

L.A.W. (Lyrical Assault Weapon)

Intro: It’s like, it’s like thisWord up, knowhutI’msayin? One time for your mind, y’knowI’msayin?Yo, from upstate to Brooklyn, the whole borough’s thoroughYou know the time, y’knowI’msayin?Crown Heights, to all my niggas holdin it downIt’s hardcore, B-boy rhymes just for you, y’knowI’msayin?(L-A-W, this might trouble you) This is Sharief, y’knowI’msayin?Puttin it down for the Aftermath like

Forgot About Dre

[Dr. Dre]Y’all know me, still the same O.G., but I been low keyHated on by most these niggaz wit no cheese, no deals and no G’sNo wheels and no keys, no boats no snowmobiles, and no ski’sMad at me cause I can finally afford to provide my family wit groceriesGot a crib wit a studio


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