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Burning The Candles

You’re going down And it feels goodBut you ain’t wearing What you shouldAll the people that you’ve had?The Time is over Count your blessings Count the timesYou forgot their namesCommitted the crimesAll the people that you’ve had?The time over Oh ! it’s time to make amend’sCos’ you’ve beenBurning the candle at both ends Oh! it


Through these eyes I seeThere’s a place for meAnd life is full of questionsThat keep me alive Through these veins I feelA certain kind of thrillAnd I’m flying in all directionsAnd that keeps me alive Would you sell the storyDrown in all the gloryThat surrounds youSurrounds you! Won’t you shelter meKeep me companyAs I’m searching

7:00 A.M.

First light in the morningShadows start to fallTemptation is callingComing for us all Flames are getting higherPeople come and goJust for a secondI was in a world of my own [Chorus]It’s a habit of mineSometimes it makes me wonderIs it passion or crimeIt’s like a wave that pulls me under 7 o’clock in the morningSomewhere

Days Go By

YouYou You are still a whisper on my lips A feeling at my fingertips That’s pulling at my skin You leave me when I’m at my worst Feeling as if I’ve been cursed Bitter cold within Days go by and still I think of you Days when I couldn’t live my life without you Days

All Or Nothing

I have been out of my headHanging on by a threadTo the world I’m missing Did I fall asleep at the wheelGet the looks that could kill‘Cos I’m not listening There must be a better wayThere must be a way to changeAll of us were scared to say…So this is all or nothing Never know

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