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My Favourite Thing

Got my fever down, then weighed it up, and I know theSounds remaining won’t strain all the silt from my eyesBleach the green from the pastures, feast on the greyOf the night, straight from the vines refusal to shine You’re my favourite thing – the one that I loveYou’re the one so I’d die for

Luv Your Life

Thrust the candle to the dark of your diseaseBurn the fishplate execute ill memoriesLabyrinth of sympathy in which I’m lost and can’t leaveAnd too much truth overshadows the lime liesAnd what lies beneath the clouds is an Altered perception and I’ll pay for sanityBut sanity don’t come cheap You don’t know the truth and I

Greatest View

You’re the analystThe fungus in my milkWhen you want no oneAnd you got someoneThrough the windYou crawlAnd laugh at burning dunesWhen no one else willEver see Now that you know why you feel like you doThey’re turning their head whilst they waitFor no oneAnd finally I know why you feel like letting go I’m watching

One Way Mule

Let my spirit ride on a one way muleBlistered skin in a cold hearted poolDistant emotion hides a concrete wallNaked and anchored I’ll climb right backTo youLove me for my mind, coz I’m a dangerous heartWhen I’ve got time to kill I’m coming back for you.I’ll stake out just to findThe knife in a dangerous


Turn the mirrors face the wallDon’t you feel a little weak?And I’d catch you when you fallBut you’re falling all the timeDo you need it anymore?Or do you need a little more? Living your life like a bull in the tradeHe doesn’t know how it feelsUnder my thumb like a bone under nailShe’s in the


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