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sleepwalking through the all-nite drugstorebaptized in flourescent lighti found religion in the greeting card aislenow i know hallmark was rightand every pop song on the radiois suddenly speaking to meyeah, art may imitate lifebut life imitates t.v.‘cuz you’ve been gone exactly two weekstwo weeks and three daysand let’s just say that things look different nowdifferent

Going Down

you can’t get through ityou can’t get over ityou can’t get around just like in a dreamyou’ll open your mouth to screamand you won’t make a sound you can’t believe your eyesyou can’t believe your earsyou can’t believe your friendsyou can’t believe you’re here and you’re not gonna get through itso you are going down

Amazing Grace

amazing gracehow sweet the soundthat saved a wretch like mei once was lostbut now i’m foundwas blind but now i see ’twas grace that taughtmy heart to fearand grace that fear relievedhow precious didthat grace appearthe hour i first believed through many dangerstoils and snaresi have already come’twas grace that brought mesafely thus farand grace


life used to be life-likenow it’s more like showbizi wake up in the nightand i don’t know where the bathroom isand i don’t know what town i’m inor what sky i am underand i wake up in the darkness and idon’t have the will anymore to wondereveryone has a skeletonand a closet to keep it


they told you your musiccould reach millionsthat the choice was up to youyou told me they alwayspay for lunchand they believe in what i doand i wonderif you miss your old friendsonce you’ve proven what you’re worthyeah i wonderwhen you’re a big starwill you miss the earth and i know you would always want morei


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