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Byte Block

I’m nothing more Nothing less Than a single piece of flesh Nothing more Nothing less Than a worthless piece of flesh! No, I have not forgot What you said to me This is reality, cast me away! I’ve lost my mind Lost my faith The machine made me the slave Lost my mind Lost my

No One

Violence in my head Like a thorn that pierced my skin Spilling strength on the floor where I stand It surrounds me, controls me Shows weakness inside me They’ve tried to kill me But they won’t succeed! No one No one No one can deny Sadness in my heart Like a storm that ripped apart

Invisible Wounds (Dark Bodies)

Dark bodies floating in darkness No sign of light ever given I’mprisoned in a world without a memory Unconscious, or am I conscious? Cut from the heart I am part of Sometimes I feel as though I’m frozen in Heaven And I saw my own face in the dark and lonliness And I saw my

Back The Fuck Up

From the wasteland Cold steel under my wasteband Hazardous times Enemy lines drawn in the middle the streets The concrete’s stained with blood I still got to eat When I hit the street I made the man understand I fought with flesh and I bled like a man I rode that edge of darkness my


One step! As I witness the death of innocence A predator feeding on its creation Through the fallout of this hallucination I walked into darkness Must not surrender my God to anyone Or this body will become carrion One step closer One step closer to my fate One step closer One step closer to the


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