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May I

Now… who got the beat that makes ya bump?And who got the bump that ya thump?Well, I got the funk that makes ya bumpSo we gon funk this motherfucker right on upWell here’s a toast to the boogie while I step on inSo put your lighters in the air and let the smoke kick inI

Hit Rocks

[Chorus:3X]Cuz were all a little strong In the beach where the papers long but as for me I only G when I’m buss’n rocks Now when I wake up in the morining and I get up out my bed I fell good, oh yes I do Cause I still can give it up for you

I Will Survive

[Technique]By dawn’s early lightI shine brighter than the stars in the nightAnd ’bout ready for a fightCome noon, I’ve consumed enough juiceTo cut loose and throw a mic to the moonSince I’m the sun, I’ll make you one, it’s all for funI’m torching hot and all the sameFrom playing war games with Saddam HusseinNow who’s

Head Doctor

Chorus:You remind me of somebodyI used to know, I used to know Snoop ***talkin w/ chorus***Ya’ll ain’t even gonna believe this shit manRemember that bitch I hadThat little light skined bitchYea this bitch was a tripYou know how she loved to sucked a niggas dickEvery once in a while this bitch got to the point

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