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I Don't Have

I don’t live anymoreI don’t love me this wayI don’t have wings to flyI don’t have, gone awayI don’t have anythingI don’t need a space to breatheI don’t hide in sanctityI don’t need what you needI don’t have, have a space to… I don’t claim to know just whyI don’t try to pacifyI don’t love


I saw the river, just pulled him downI knew the man who hunted him downWe watched the river, take him awayBefore he died, I could have sworn he saidI am the only oneI am the only one left Tired and afraid lies a saddened manKnelt beside him with head in handAnd escaped on a lonely

Just Four

I want take his eyes outJust for looking at youYes I doI want to take his hands offJust for touching youYes I doAnd I want to rip his heart outJust for hurting youAnd I want to break his mind downYes I do And I want to make himRegret life since the day he met youYes

Sea Groove

Take away from meThat what you just gaveNothing left to healNothing left to saveGiven half a chanceGiven what we’ve spentI will not repayI will not repentI don’t wanna leaveI don’t wanna stayGet away from meStay the hell awayAnd I will give up my mindAnd I will give my wayAnd I will pluck out my eyesYes


Father, tell me somethin’Where do bad men go when they die?And mother says you’ll go there butWings for her and I and I don’t mindCause I have always wanted to learn to…Fly… learn toFly… learn toFly… learn toFly… Brother, tell me somethin’If I take this, am I going to die?And he says no, so then


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