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Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars

Dressed up for a big dateLike Halloween day but it was Fourth of July nowA car crash with a suitcase and a painted faceShe was one of a kindShe wears a plastic crown like CinderellaAnd roller skates in bed he rides the greyhound from his hometownWhen he comes around cause they don’t let him drive

Thank You For Loving Me

It’s hard for me to say the thingsI want to say sometimesThere’s no one here but you and meAnd that broken old street lightLock the doorsWe’ll leave the world outsideAll I’ve got to give to youAre these five words and I Chorus:Thank you for loving meFor being my eyes when I couldn’t seeFor parting my

Just Older

Hey, man, it’s been a whileDo you remember me?When I hit the streets I was 17A little wild, a little greenI’ve been up and down and in betweenAfter all those yearsCan you believe I’m stillChasing the dreamBut I ain’t looking over my shoulder Chorus:I like the bed I’m sleeping inIt’s just like me, it’s broken

She's A Mystery

She won’t let me buy her jewelleryShe don’t want things that she can keepShe wears wild flowers in her hairAnd throws them to the seaShe’s the beginning and the end of me Chorus:She’s a mysteryMy most beautiful regretI will never understand herShe’s a mysteryThe only promise I can keepEven in my dreams she ruins me

I Could Make A Living Without Loving You

If there’s something that needs fixingI’m the man to seeLook me up, I’m listedJust check under "B"If you’re ever on the spotWell, I’m good with my hands24-7 I’m your handyman Odd jobs, hard jobsAnything under the sunBig jobs, small jobs, baby Chorus:I’d be a rich man, it’s trueIf I could make a living out of


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