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Take Our Time

1 – [Chilli and T-Boz] Let’s take our time baby Love lasts forever Over and over We’ll love together Oh, oh, oh, oh [Chilli]Come here, next to meAnd let me make you highNo mistakes, we will makeA long time, we will love Repeat 1 [Chilli]Kiss me, hold me tightAnd let’s get wet tonightHappiness is pleasing

Sumthin Wicked This Way Comes

[Dre]Remember back in the timeWhen the only sign we had was pickets?But now in ’94, it be this way, somethin’ come wickedGangs killin’ others fo’ colorsThangs that we wear fo’ fashionOther brothers take it fo’ what reason? To be blastin’ What da kcuf is goin’ on?Not soft like buttercups butHad enough of singin’ that same

Diggin’ On You

I was like peace in a groove, on a Sunday afternoonYou were there, so was I, in the park, 4th of JulyI was chillin’ with my Kool-AidWhen Miss Chilli came to relayThat you had a thang for meFinest thang you’d ever seenI must admit to youI’ve heard them lines a time or twoAlthough for some

Red Light Special

Take a good look at it,look at it nowMight be the last time you’ll have a good roundI’ll let you touch it if you’d like to go downI’ll let you go furtherIf you take the southern routeDon’t go too fast, don’t go too slowYou’ve got to let your body flowI like ’em attentive and I


[TLC] (Jermaine Dupri)Switch (check it)Switch (TLC, I like that)Switch (turn it up)Switch (aight) [T-Boz]I ain’t one to be questioned About who and where I’ve been I ain’t one to be questioned About what time I came in Tryna squeeze, baby please Hit the road and don’t come back ‘Cause I can’t trust a relationship With


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