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Me and My Boo

ft. Charli Baltimore [Man]A-yo Cam[Cam’Ron]Yo[Man]Yo I know you knocked Charli off[Cam’Ron]No I did not man[Man]Yo stop lying[Cam’Ron]Word to my mother, I did not hit that man[Man]A-yo I’m your dog duke you can tell me[Cam’Ron]Nigga I would tell you if I did her[Man]Yo I know you hit that , yo how the head?, how the head

Rockin’ And Rollin’

[J.D.] Lets rock and roll baby[Cam’Ron] Killa Cam[J.D.] Yea[Cam’Ron] So So Def[J.D.] Y’all know[Cam’Ron] Untertainment[J.D.] Y’all know[Cam’Ron] I’m here now[J.D.] Come on Ey yo you wonder who I areI guzzle up at the barBut you see me in the car that start with the double RRange Rover, Rolls Royce even got a Rocky RollySee more

Fuck You #2

ft. Mase [Mase:]B, I’m feeling it from the heart now, B.Yo straight up, yo, this Murder, Harlem World is the cliqueI’m with my nigga Killer, and we bout to lay it down 4 y’all niggazAll yall faggot ass niggaz out there that wouldn’t give us $300 dollars forthe tapeTo make a demo, FUCK YALL NIGGAZ!All


[chorus][Biggie on "Suicidal Thoughts"]I swear to God it feel like death isfucking callin me. But naw you wouldn’t understand…. Ayo hit wit at least ten, beat againHey Cam’Ron need a friend?Aww man we meet againHeres your suit and tie your laced with the gear, You the same mutha fucka I been chasing for years (Come


[Cam’ron]Shut the fuck up punk!Give me that shit!You feel sorry for who!! Gave you head before I stormed inMuthafucka, any problem yo I want inI’m here to winEvery morninI’m yawninWhile ya’ll are boardinThe store and showin that you’re fake bringin some corn inMeat, rice, and poultryWe all know how you get your moneyDon’t insult me


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