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Believe In What You Want

Don’t bother going through your motions.Nothing that makes sense ever works out.Don’t kid yourself, you know they want money.Nothing can be good on its own merit.Put your trust in simple acts.Make the flyers get them up all over town.Don’t kid yourself, you know they want money.Please keep in sight what makes you care.You have it

Just Watch The Fireworks

Here you can be anything.I think that scares you.I’ve been here before but only by myself.What giving up gives you and where giving up takes you.I’ve had and I’ve been.Here in center frame, there’s only air.Just enough space to fit.I said it out loud over and over but what do I know.I said it out


Take advantage of these times she saidYou let me down.It hasn’t been the first time.As I’m falling in the pit of fire my mind’s made up.I’m never coming back here.and How long would it take me to walk across the United States all alone.The West coast has been traumatized.I think I’m the only one still


I’ll take your words as if you were talking to me.Say what I know you’ll say and say it through your teeth.With pride keep every failure in.And with pride hold on to the sinking.Now in the deep and down your heart moves.Now in the deep and down, I don’t know how but I know I


We left behind the busy crowd.So it seems we slow down.Meet me with a way out through the lies.Nowhere, going nowhere in the fake yellow light.The feelings change so fast.Safety scares them away.I can’t bring myself to say it’s my own advice I need.Nowhere and then nowhere.Living trapped inside the chase.Our weekness is the same.We


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