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In My Life Today

When my memory starts to wanderI sit back and I ponderHow the whole world’s gone asunderI feel the rain and I hear the thunder I was bare and I was lostBut you were there and now I’m bornYou are the force and strengthIn my life today And oh how I thank you fatherFor giving us

Can’t Get You Off My Mind

Life is just a lonely highwayI’m out here on the open roadI’m old enough to see behind meBut young enough to feel my soulI don’t wanna lose you babyAnd I don’t wanna be aloneDon’t wanna live my days without youBut for now I’ve got to be without you I’ve got a pocket full of moneyAnd


She was only seventeenIn her prime of life she was leanAnd her only dream was to be on the silver screenShe hailed from north of BaltimoreHer mama says she’d end up a whoreAnd she spent up all her dough at the movie show She’s all go go go yeah yeahShe wears her pants on her

Beyond The 7th Sky

Beyond the 7th skyThere’s a room where we are with GodBeyond the sun and moonWhere the angels will be our guardWhere the weather doesn’t changeEveryday is summerAs the sands are numberedInstead of cannonball greyDo you think it’s kinda strange ?Or can we be lovers ?As the spirit covers our electrified rage Hold me mamaAnd we’ll

Rock And Roll Is Dead

Ooohoooh yeahYou think you’re on top of the worldBut you know it’s really overRunnin’ round with diamond ringsAnd coke spoons that are overflowin’Rock and roll is deadBut all the money in the worldCan’t buy you from the place you’re going toOoohoooh yeah Rock and roll is dead [X3] You can’t even sing or play an


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