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Biscuit Barrel F.M.R

Wrap me up and seal me in cause I don’t wanna see The fallen rubble I’m standing in, it all breaks down to me Have I dug the hole too deep? I’m down too low, too low to sleep I threw you down like a piece of shit But now I find I stand in

Can’t Stop These Things

Hot coffee burns my mouth, I been staring in a dream The money would be good, I think but not as good as clean I would have more sense if I could sense what I could have I’m learning things about myself that I never knew I had My mind, can’t stop the things that


If you had a million people watching you, would you make the same old blunder?Well I wonder, yes I wonderIf I could put the words in writing, would you ever come out fighting?Well I wonder, yes I wonderThere’s a question I yearn to ask, but I’m held back by the pastI’ve asked you once before

Guilty Deafness

You look like you’ve got something to sayIt must be bad if you’ve come all this way But I don’t wanna hear it I’ve got guilty deafnessI couldn’t take all that from youThe last time you came here you left me breathlessI couldn’t take much more of you You look like you’ve found something thats

Take It Back

I’m sorry, I can’t answer that, I want more time to let it sink in I wouldn’t hold your breath in fact I want more time for me to think this over You’ve been hurt before, you can have another you can never say you know the score You’ve been hurt before Every time I


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