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Just That Good

A little paint, to cover what’s deep insideA little truth you know we all want to hideWhen I’m trying, I’m trying now to get to youBut you’re telling me like you always do, you say Don’t hate me, cause I’m just that good I’ve got to hand it to you nowYou’re a hard one to

Thank You

Look around, the writing’s on the wallDon’t you think we’re all feeling crazedIn a world, where nothing’s as it seemsPaved with broken dreams, i found truthMy God, I should know you’re rightI should know it’s right to say I think you for my days [Chorus:]Come around and see the other sideStepping stones, away from the

Nothing's Changed

It was a day just like thisIn a life of our timesShrugging signs there’s no chance for usIt’s not mine to decide You never listened to what i saidYou never thought I’d succeedAnd though I’ve given you all I canYou show no faith in me [Chorus:]And I remember, And I recallAnd I can see that


I’ve been thinking about you, my loveAnd all the crazy things that you put me throughNow I’m coming around, Throwing it back to youWere you thinking of me when you kissed himCould you taste me when you licked his skinAll the while I showered you with trust and promisesWhat I’m needing now is some sweet

Could It Be Any Harder

You left me with goodbye and open armsA cut so deep I don’t deserveYou were always invincible in my eyesthe only thing against us now is time [Chorus:]Could it be any harder to say goodbye and without you,Could it be any harder to watch you go, to face what’s trueIf I only had one more


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