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Cabron Cabron Cabron Cabron I see you in the park You’re always wearing dark or blue My dawg and me And anyone from any other crew I am small but I am strong I’ll get it on with you If you want me to What else can I do Everyone would take a cue from

Can’t Stop

Can’t stop addicted to the shin dig Cop top he says I’m gonna win big Choose not a life of imitation Distant cousin to the reservation Defunkt the pistol that you pay for This punk the feeling that you stay for In time I want to be your best friend Eastside love is living on

By The Way

Standing in lineTo see the show tonightAnd there’s a light on Heavy glowBy the way I tried to sayI’d be there… waiting for Dani the girlis singing songs to me Beneath the marquee… overload Steak Knife Caro SharkCon Job Boot Cut Skin that flickShe’s such a little DJGet there quickBy street but not the freewayturn

On Mercury

I’ve got myself In a masochistic hold Why don’t you let go Shake it off Just to redirect my flow Come on let’s go Sit up straight I’m on a double date I’ve got to find my way Into the light, heavy, middle weight We don’t stop rock around the clock Motor mouthing off In

I Could Die For You

Something inside the cards I know is right Don’t want to live Somebody elses life This is what I want to be And this is what I give to you Because I get it free She smiles while I do my time I could die for you Oh this life I choose I’m here to


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