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The lunar backbone stands straight and alert for a last timeThe mammal feathers are revamped just for this last nightMouthless children are breasted with their own wordsTo essence of their souls escaping through their giant bones you will be paralysedmade to be believedbroken inside to surviveand to watch over me archangel – of no use


On my knees nowI’ll inflict myselfsome real loveOn my knees nowI’ll choke myselfin troubled love On my knees nowI’ll purge myselfof real loveOn my knees nowI swear, I know nothingof that troubled love Have me, have me, have, never waste (the good) in me.Watch me, watch me, watch me, but never try to be me.

Can't Bee

Can’t bee your loverCan’t bee that lovelessCan’t bee that healing rope, or anythingCan’t bee without you, the one or the otherCan’t even bee what you are for me Can’t even bee your final solutionI hope I was your final pollution Can’t bee your motionCan’t bee that frozenCan’t bee those limbs you miss, or everythingCan’t bee


Whatever haunts me from birth onis leaking white blood againit is sickening my heartwhile I divide yours in two Lustmord – (I will) never stop to hurt youLustmord – (I will) never stop to love you I will never stop to hurt youNow that I have you with meSo close together in one bodyI feel


To Live is to collaborate All the spineless peoplewon’t capitulateWill walk againWill walk againWill evacuateAnd stimulate And they will wait for the ManWith that ridiculous fairy handTo work on their livesAnd to re-adjust their faith All the spineless peopleWill walk againWill walk againWill agitateAnd ejaculate A great act of Sex will be lived hereWe will


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