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Can’t Stop This Thing We Started

You might stop a hurricaneMight even stop the drivin’ rainYou might have a dozen other guysBut if you wanna stop me baby – don’t even tryI’m goin’ one way – your wayIt’s such a strong way – let’s make it our wayChorus Can’t stop this thing we startedYou gotta know it’s rightCan’t stop this course

Before The Night Is Over

hey baby – i got someone n’ you got someone toohey baby – i don’t know what we’re gonna dohow can something wrong feel so rightc’mon baby – hold on tight before the night is overwe gonna get what we desireremember what i told yathis could set our hearts on fire hey baby – we’re

That’s Enough About You

Talking to you is like watching paint stay wetone way traffic is all i ever geti try to share my feelings but you’re self-obssesi’ve had it up to here, this thing’s a mess i’m just trying to tell you that there has to bemore to life than just me me meso hear this, honeyi quit,

Let Him Know

Another day goes by and still you wonder what happened You’d give the world for one more tryBut you’re too shy to ask him You don’t wanna ask him now I know your heart will pull you through If he means that much to you – you gotta let him know Let him know that

She’s Only Happy When She’s Dancing

Monday mornin’ – it’s time to get upTwo cups of coffee and she runs for the busLooks in the window and fixes her hairNobody notices and nobody cares She admits it ain’t no kinda lifeWorkin’ 9 to 5 you know… Chorus She’s only happy when she’s dancin’There ain’t no place she’d rather beWhen she’s dancin’Just


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