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Standing here helplessWhere do I goIf you leave me aloneWhere do I turn nowIf it don’t work outAs for as I can seeThis isn’t the wayThat you said it would be… Don’t leave me like thisDon’t leave me strandedIf you walk away nowYou leave me empty handedDon’t leave me like thisDon’t leave me strandedDon’t leave

I Didn't Want To Need You

Baby, I never gave my heart to anyone, oh noUsed to think that love was a gameI used to make it just for funWhen we spent the night togetherDidn’t mean it meant that muchNow I just can’t live without your touch I didn’t wanna to need you, noI didn’t wanna want you like I doI


We lead two different livesJust like two lines that never crossAnd here we are togetherStanding closer than we areBut we’re still standing here untouchedToo scared to make a moveWe want so much to touchAnd we can’t wait foreverWe know it’s dangerousFor us to be together How do we ever keep this secretHow do we keep

I Love You

When the night has comeAnd I’m all aloneAnd I have some time to breatheSo much damage doneI guess nobody wonIs it too late to make you see I love youOh darlin’ yes I really doI love youOh darlin’ yes I really do I know very wellHow it got this wayI was drifting on my cloudThere

Call Of The Wild

After midnightI call youEven though I know betterI just got toThe moon is fullMy heart is hotAnd you know what I’m longing to doWith this aching I got The call of the wildOh baby, can’t you hear me callingOooh…The call of the wildThe call of the wild How can you ask meWhy I’m pushing pushingWhen


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