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I been knocked down so many timesCounted out 6, 7, 8, 9Written off like some bad dealIf you’re breathing you know how it feelsCall it karma, call it luckMe, I just don’t give a [Chorus:]Bounce, Bounce Nothing’s gonna keep me downBounce, Bounce Stand up, shout it outBounce, Bounce I play hard, I play to winCount

Love Me Back To Life

This world don’t give you nothing it can’t take awayEverybody holding on to somethingNobody wants to fade away No forgiveness on the streets of this townI left my patience at a traffic lightThere’s no denying that I almost lost itThrew in the towel, too tired to fight Tonight I need youMore than yesterdayTonight I need

Open All Night

I saw you coming from a mile awayTrying to hide behind that pretty faceBet my last dollar baby you been bruisedPoor little heart all black ‘n’ blue Last thing you need’s another pickup lineYou must have heard them all a thousand timesGod only knows what you been throughBelieve me I been broken too It aches,


I used to be the kind of guyWho’d never let you look insideI’d smile when I was cryingI had nothing but a life to looseThought I had a lot to proofIn my life, there’s no denying Goodbye to all my yesterdaysGoodbye, so long, I’m on my way I’ve had enough of cryin’Bleedin’, sweatin’, dyin’Hear me

Right Side Of Wrong

A friend of a friend needs a favorNo questions asked, there’s not much more to say Me and the wife, we need the moneyWe’ve got four kids all hungry, one on the waySlip these sweat socks in your shirt and pray they think your packin’Be sure to keep your head down, don’t look ’em in


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