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Part Time Sucker

Hahahahaha…T’cha t’cha, that boy is a t’cha I want you all to understand I’m down with BDPI got so many styles, but I’m not an MCI am a teacher teaching rap, and of course I am backBecause these other MC’s are here also weak and wackSo BDP will teach them, hey, we will teach themBDP


Beef, what a reliefWhen will this poisonous product cease?This is another public service announcementYou can believe it, or you can doubt itLet us begin now with the cowThe way it gets to your plate and howThe cow doesn’t grow fast enough for manSo through his greed he makes a faster planHe has drugs to make

Jah Rulez

[KRS-One]Yes, right about now we got Afrikafrom the Jungle Brothers on the wheels of steelMy sister Harmony right beside meand I, KRS-One on the micSidney Mills on the keyboardsand Dwayne on the engineeringAnd once again, this style is dedicated to the heavenly fatherBecause you know YA RULE! [Harmony]Where can they go, where can they turn?When

Illegal Business

Cocaine business controls AmericaGanja business controls AmericaKRS-One come to start some hysteriaIllegal Business controls America One afternoon around eleven o’clockIt was freezing coldHe was standing on the blockSellin’ cheebaMixin’ dimesSayin’ a rhymeJust to pass the timeThe cops passed byBut he stayed calm‘Cause the leather trench coatWas keepin’ him warmBut this time they walked by real

How Not To Get Jerked

"And now, a word from our sponsor.." [KRS-One]Now technically speakin I ain’t ‘sposed to be doin thisLike givin information to the ones that are new to thisYou wanna make a record and get into the business?Here’s a little plan from a six-year witnessFirst you gotta understand the music gameIt’s not about fame, it’s about a


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