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B2K Is Hot (Skit)

Raz B:yo i’m sayin’ what we gonna do?we sittin’ up here all bored and everythingi mean what’s crakin’ 4 the night j boog?i’m sayin’ what’s up J-Boog:I don’t know but i tell u this i ain’t stayin’ in this house another minute Raz B:4 real man Omarion:yo i heard the skatin ring was crakin’ boog

B2K Is Hot

Chorus:B2K got the ladies jumpin and keep the party pumpin And all the fellas thumpin, like B2K is hot The party flippin And ain’t nobody trippin All the fellas chillin, like x2 Omarion:Step in the party lookin tight tonight Got all the ladies givin eye tonight You know I drove my CL-5 tonight And so

Feel This Way

Chorus: Why, why would you make me feel this way Make me feel like we would never separate Made me feel like you wanted to be my girl When knowin you only wanted to be friends Omarion:Like best friends were the words you said to me Got me wonderin’ to myself how could this be

Come On

J-Boog:Omarion, Lil Fizz, Raz B, J Boog Come on… come on… (leave em alone) all you need is me in your lifeOmarion, first verse… Omarion:Peek-a-boo Pretty little lady I see you Little Man knows what he wanna do After school You know that it’s okay Truth or dare I wanna play Baby if you scaredSweetheart,


[Verse 1:]He took advantage of your loveAnd he threw it all awayHe broke your tender heartWords can’t express what you wanna sayBut deep inside you knowThat there’s someone out there for youWho’ll love you tenderlyAnd turn your gray skies into blueSo tell me girl [Chorus:]Why do you look so sad, baby girl, baby girl?It couldn’t


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