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I guess I saw through youI’ve seen your colours blueTryin’ to join me when I’m on topObserving what I doBut then you weren’t aroundI was down and in the groundDo you remember shut your mouthDon’t wanna hear your soundDon’t you try it I’m not so forgetfulYour colours are rather dullIt’s never gona beThat picture that

Angels With Dirty Faces

I’m confused, I don’t knowWhich way do I really goThis guy is flyBut another one pass me byStuck in the middle of this spotThat is too damn hotShall I choose the oneWith the heavy car or not‘Coz nothing ain’t seriousSee i’m only seventeenAnd I wanna be mysteriousNaughty, sexy on the creepNever sleepWon’t reveal the sneaky


Love comes and love goesAnd, who knows what life holdsLove is as love does soDon’t ask for too muchDon’t sit back and let your heart just breakCuz what you give is what you takeLove is as love was before so u know All the universe is looking out for the loveBut you gotta first, find

Breathin Easy

Oooh, oooh, oohOooooh yeah I don’t know how many times we’ve walked the streetsTalking for ages, about the people we’re gonna beWe’ve been waiting for a changeBut I don’t mind if you don’t change babyThough it might seem crazyBut I’m happy with you this way Oh don’t you know thatYou’re a part of my heartAnd

More Than A Million Miles

You and IWe belongStill we always bring our bullshit homeTime is passing us byHolding onto you tightI ain’t letting goI just want you to know You and me together it should workBut your mind is in another universeYour ambition is a thing I like to seeLet me know, let me knowIf you can find some


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