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My little darling it’s a crying shameThe way that you lead me onAnd I’ve got nobody but myself to blameCause I’ve always just played along Well show me a body that gets no loveAnd I’ll show you a body that’s way messed upWell it seems like you’re aware of the effect you have on my

She's Got My Number

She’s got my number she always didShe can always see where my secret’s hidEverything about me is hers to tellShe’s got my number she always will She’s got my number I must confessOne look in her eyes and I feel undressedShe can see right through all my little gamesShe’s got my number she has my

Sunshine And Chocolate

All my life I’ve been looking forThe perfect mateAnd when I finally found the oneIt was almost too lateUnderneath the auditoriumShe showed me whyI would have waited all of my lifeFor somebody like Sunshine and chocolate all over meIn my mouth and on my treeRound my body under my hatSunshine and chocolate just… like… that

I Wish

I wish I could be anyone but the one that I am nowI wish I could see any scene but the one I hang aroundI wish I could do anything but the things I always doNo matter how I try to sing alongSomething is always wrongWhat I wish I knew I wish I could drive

One True Love

All above me the stars are brightAnd a sweet suburban breeze is blowingAnd down the block are the parking lightsOf a hundred friends who I barely know andDon’t know meDon’t know meNone of them know me And all through the party I want to leave(All alone with one true love)I could be happy if I


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