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Hook:"Don’t worry about" "Big money" "Can you dig it?" "Amazing" (x4) Verse 1:Well don’t you know what time again for the big shot (BIG SHOT) DoogieReady or not hit the buddah spot (BUDDAH SPOT)Time to get the cash (TIME TO GET THE HONEY) Time to get cash (TIME TO GET THE MONEY)Check it I got

Back Stabbers

[Puba]Yeah.. aight..2000 representatives comin to yaYeah, here to talk about a situation you knowthat makes the world go round, check itIt’s on that love and hate tape, yaknahmsayin?Be damned if you do, damned if you don’tBut I’ma rap on it a taste, yaknahmsayin?I’ma let honey take it away, check it [Valdes] It’s a thin line..

Change Gonna Come

Intro:Yeah positivity over comes negativity check it. A gat don’t make you a man cause a man made the gatSo stop with the black on black (x2) Verse 1:We got black on blackBlack on crack Knowledge of self is what the black people lackGrew up in the projects with the welfare and the food stampsModern

A Little of This

Intro:(Let’s do it) Yeah (yeah) get down situation get down no doubt 95. (We’retalkin’ 2000) How we represent. Come a kick it with Intro:A little of this and a little of that (and a little of that) (x4) Verse 1:Check it I get the gumtions to make your conjuction functionSo honey get it straight or

I Like It (I Wanna Be Where You Are)

Intro:YeahLadies and gentlemen, I’ve found himI want you to meet the baddest motherfucker (right on, right on, right on)Who is it?Well its Grand Puba honeyWith my man snug doogie loveDroppin’ 2000, dig the way this go downCheck it Verse 1:I hit a flow all dipped in lotionSit back and sip moe as I’m countin’ my


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