August 17, 2010 by admin in Spice Girls

Let Love Lead the Way

What makes this world go round?
Will the answer let her down?
She is so sweet and young
And her life has just begun
What does her future hold?
That’s a story left unknown
Will she make it through her days?
Let our love lead the way

Part of me laughs, part of me cries,
Part of me wants to question why
Why is there joy, why is there pain?
Why is there sunshine then the rain?
One day you’re here, next you are gone
No matter what, we must go on
Just keep the faith and
Let love lead the way

Everything will work out fine
If you let love,
Love lead the way

Sitting there all alone
In the window of her room
Watching the world go by
Brings tears to her eyes
All she sees is hurt and pain
And she wants to break the chains
She’ll keep pressing every day
And she’ll find her own sweet way


You can be all that
And still can be who you are
You’ve gotta know for sure
That it isn’t make-believe
You may feel weak
But you are strong
Don’t you give up, girl
If you keep holding on,
You’ll never be wrong
Just close your eyes
‘Cause it lies deep in your heart


Everything will work out fine
If you let love,
Love lead the way

Love lead the way
(repeat and fade out)

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