December 14, 2010 by admin in Sick Of It All

Built To Last

Invest time, invest life
invest it all, reinvent yourself
before you know it
your essence is renewed with something fresh
Your will, your way
will earn respect in your day
let the glory sharpened knife
carve the future of your life
let’s not praise the past, just a fact
Built to last
old school or the new
doesn’t mean a thing if your heart’s not true
greedy ones faded fast, we’re here
Built to last
For the fun, not a fad
the love and the truth so powerful
work out the snags of the past
work out the snags that won’t last
mistakes have finished my brothers
mistakes will guide all the others
Your will, your way
might shape a better day
eradicate the stagnancy
eradicate it like disease
as we’ve seen around the world
We won’t go away
cause we’ll always feel this way
We’re here to stay
and our impact will be felt
We won’t go away
if we feel it, we feel it
We’re here to stay
Built to last

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