Big Shot

LH cause 714 is the areaEverybody grab a friend and jump on inGet a new view and a message to sendLook for the truth and a hand you can lendBut youGot something to proveA turn of your back and you?re on the moveAnd meI get to seeAll of the things that you had and all

Now Or Never

You got to go loco, this ain’t no joke yoToo much hype on the television radioWhat you want to buy and what you want to be‘Cause what you want is right there on the TV screenAnd you be down with what they’re sellingMTV got everybody yellin’ Get off, get off on itGet off on what

Jag Off

Well I’m back again, you thought you got rid of meI talk too much and all I care about is meI’m back again I’m here to waste more time of yoursI just needed a couple of bucks or maybe moreWell let me throw my two cents in then I’m outJust want to let you know

Bootylicious Vinyl

Get down shake your booty baby, bootylicious vinyl comingGet down shake your booty baby, I love to watch your disco bounce Four diggy days in the land of rhymingLost all my money but the sun is shiningFour diggy days in the land of rhymingDrunk off of wine and my mind is flying

Feel The Way

I’m up and I’m allrightPush on with all my mightGot to find a way to get away today Because I am the manWhat?I am the manWhat?Who’s the manTry to front like you want to try and understandBut you don’t know manThrough the times that we sharedI know that you careAnd I know you And I’ll


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