Bird’s Eye View

Xzibit:When it comes to shit like thisI always get it right the first timeplaya haters and snakeswaitin’ for mistakesBut that’s the breaks the highs and lowsOf the industryD.I.T.C. and X to the ZBringin’ it liveGet it crackin’ to the third degreeXzibit breakin’ niggas down like H.I.V.We gring rap to your city like B.E.T.But still feel


Verse 1 When I look you in your eyes I can see my ownStraight love manifested in flesh and boneYou’s a breath of fresh air in this world of shitYou was born to be a soldier don’t ever forgetHit back when hitUse force that’s effectiveAll these bitches and womenSon, please be selectiveThis is California can’t

Sorry I’m Away So Much

(Xzibit talking)Come here Tre, what’s up son, come onTo whom it may concern, yeah, listenSorry I’m away so much, yeah, yeahAll the sons, daughters, penitentary niggas, yeah, feel meUh, sorry I’m away so much, yeah (Xzibit)My son was born about four and a half years agoNothin protected him, amazin how fast they growI came to

Been a Long Time

[Saafir as radio host]Rrrah, uhh, bitch!It’s radio radio station, cat Xzibit huh?K-W-Balls, Daniel Thompson hold like thisLike that in fact, with a fat-ass Battlecat trackI’m takin caller number one, that is..Rrrah uhh, bitch – you took too longCaller number two like this.. [Xzibit]{*BZZT*} Bounce up out of the house close to midnightFull rack up in

My Life, My World

Ok, alright, alright. You got me up? Is the Mic On?Yeah. I pledge allegiance to the un-united streets of Los AngelesCheck this shit out, yeah yeah…Come on, Ha!You thought I was about to start right there right?Y’all motherfuckers turn this shit up, it’s X to the motherfucking ZYeah…Ha, welcome to my planet.. [Verse 1]Some things


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