Theatre Of Tragedy


Thou dawdl’d not bringing me fro Aether to Nether,Still, duringly cling I on to this heather –Dew-scented blossom; thou wast pristine,The sweven of thee ne’er will I cede, my colleen.Drat this creature of memories ill,Foolhardy and fey I may be, yet him I shall quell. ‘Vaunt! – Devil tyne –Wadst thou wane fore’ermae;Daunt – sinsyne

Bring Forth Ye Shadow

Time is an abyss –Profound as a thousand nights;I sojourn my haste, I make respitesFor what availeith this eager pace?One step more naught to face,Save the heirloom fatal kiss. I rave no more ‘gainst Time or Fate,For lo! my own shall ne’er come to me,Yet! – Who doth my future narrate?Dim the lights – I

And When He Falleth

"Be my kin free fro varnal sin,Bridle the thoughts of thy Master.""There hath past away a glore fro the Earth;A glore that in the hearts and minds of men,Men dementéd – blindfoldéd by light,Hourisheth as weed in their well-groom’d garths." "Might I too was blindfoldéd ere, "The quality of mercy and absolution,Tho’ years have master’d


Haste not thine wisdom, for the hollow is ta’en –By whom, know I not; ‘lack! am I of twain –And as a crux – cede I my words –Fro my heart wilt thou ne’erHave I been ‘sooth sinsyne.Be left without – come! Thine voice is oh so sweet, I speer thine pine,Ryking for me: Ryking


Parch’d of words, parch’d of lauds,Lorn and tyned fro my wame –‘Seech I more perforce indeed:Lap I of thee: Thou art want. With dulcet gust thine floret,Which I yet would not do –Pray I thee for thine avail –Lave me in it; I want more! For my loe, not be adust. Come see as the


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