The Hives

I’m A Wicked One

They say it’s off the record gotta keep it clean.Can’t be too abusive can’t be too odscene.But he’s got a plan to build a future he’s been putting it off for way too long.Another safety pin through his cheekand he’s three chords short of a punkrock song.Wicked is as wicked does he’ll fight it till

Automatic Schmuck

Born only a month ago yet I’m (already) fully grown from head to toe. Lots of metal, lots of grease and put together piece by piece. To support a system that uses me….but the day is here and they’re gonna see. I’m on a mission cause now I’ve had it. I watch their system and

Knock Knock

This time you got it all figured out.Think it’s gonna work okay but I’ll make sure it won’t cause I’ll be standing in your way.So wait a minute if you will.I ain’t got no time but time to kill.When the ground starts getting hot it doesn’t matter if you run or not.This time you’ve seen

Hate To Say I Told You So

Do what I want cause I can and if I don’tbecause I wanna be ignored by the stiff and the boredbecause I’m gonna.Spit and retrieve cause I give and receivebecause I wanna gonna get through your head what the mystery man saidbecause I’m gonna.Hate to say I told you so.I do believe I told you

A Get Together To Tear It Apart

I had a tension. I had a ten.I was a better honey so I did it again.Thought my intentions were better tried to put mind over matter.I lost my edge on things when I lost my head.Hey that’s what they say.Don’t you know they ain’t never gonna help you anyway.And it’s a get together to


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