Sum 41

Machine Gun

Well I’m up and I don’t know why,But I guess that’s all that counts.Looking ’round as I’m holding my head,and I’m in somebody’s house. The sun it hits me like a punch in the facewith a headache I can’t ignore.Seems almost every weekend my bed is someone’s floor. I can’t keep this up.I have had

Nothing On My Back

Was happiness a fad?Or was it in the lost in found again behind the issues.It might not be so bad,We’re all addicted to our tragedy,I guess it’s what it had to be. With nothing on my back,It’s still enough to bring me down.My mind’s about to crack, Cause what I thought could not be found.Matter

Another Time Around

In my years, I’ve seen all sounds of misconception.In my years, I’ve done all I can live to question. What happened to me I don’t understand.I’ve seen all I can see as my time expands. Bored I am, bored of my own desperation,I can’t defend, can’t find my own destination. What happened to me I

Second Chance For Max Headroom

It’s not enough you passed it for a while,You can’t afford the amass of denial.Don’t explain, you can’t arcane it too.Your lies surpassed your doubt. Don’t do something you’ll regret It’s not enough you passed it for a while,The time you take, Your minds mistake,Time worth throwing all away. It’s not enough attention,Though you’re too


It’s far beyond your reach, it holds a place in time,Somewhere ahead is the back of the line.I can’t relate to your mistakes, awkwardly speaking with nothing to say. Caught up in your life, excuses are so lame, You may be different but I’m still the same.The reasons that you thought, the intention that you


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