Is Love Enough

Yeah yeahWhooOoohOohhh Girl I see ya cryinAnd I know it’s cuz of meYa say ya caught me cheatinAnd lyin constantly butI know you don’t believe meBaby when I sayI will always love youSay that you love me Is love enoughTo make you stay with meIs love enoughTo make you stop cryingIs love enoughMake you understandIs

So Sexual

UhCan you feel me babyOohOohYeahYeah yeahOoohOh yeahListen It’s givin me a chillEvery time I thinkAbout the love we makeIt makes my heart sinkDeep into my soulEverywhere I goI’m always thinkin ofWhen we make love [BRIDGE]Wanna go back to the dayWhen I touched ya girl in every wayGotta take the chance to hear ya sayThat you

Can I Live

Drop that you know I was your favorite from the jump so dont front like I was was actin up, buggin since when we been messin, flexin love has been good, no doubt but now tryna keep me on lock down tryna figure out what I’m all about if I’m goin out who I’m chillin

How Can I Love You 2nite

TonightI couldn’t wait to get with youCuz you really turn me onI had to do ya babeBut I knew that you were wrong Don’t stopLove is feelin good to meAnd you can have it allCome give it to me babeCuz I know you like to ball [CHORUS]How can I love you tonightWhen you know that


[Sisqo]I’ve told myself time and time againthat I’m not in love with youAnd thenit came to meone night in a dreamyou mean more to me than I wanted to seethere is nothing I can doto stop iteven though you’re with somebody else if I didn’t really care, why were you there?the color of you eyes,


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