Hold Out Your Hand

All men with stars upon the chestSave yourselves, your family,don’t worry ’bout the restSmall child receives light through the crackThe human mile, they’re never coming backHold out your hand and ask for someNow and again she sits beneath the treeThe sign above reads Hard Work will Set you FreeHold out your hand and ask for


Two menThey started walkingStarted talking bout better daysOne says to the otherWe do it all againSeems I knew I wouldAnd now I found itFound I got itI didn’t want thisSomebody help me seeNow I feel itFeel like I’ve been thereI didn’t need thisSomebody help me breathe Here we are againJust face to facingEach other another

Never Again

He’s drunk again, it’s time to fight She must have done something wrong tonight The living room becomes a boxing ring It’s time to run when you see him Clenching his hands She’s just a woman Never Again I hear her scream, from down the hall Amazing she can even talk at all She cries

I Don't Have

I don’t live anymoreI don’t love me this wayI don’t have wings to flyI don’t have, gone awayI don’t have anythingI don’t need a space to breatheI don’t hide in sanctityI don’t need what you needI don’t have, have a space to… I don’t claim to know just whyI don’t try to pacifyI don’t love


I saw the river, just pulled him downI knew the man who hunted him downWe watched the river, take him awayBefore he died, I could have sworn he saidI am the only oneI am the only one left Tired and afraid lies a saddened manKnelt beside him with head in handAnd escaped on a lonely


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