Natalie Imbruglia


Swallow purple terror candyDon’t forget to breatheSickened by the wantingAnd drowning from the needThis dichromatic visionOf one who does not careTo sipping cocktail sedativesTwo months to hide somewhereButterflies, butterfliesCut the stomach out andHand it overButterflies, butterfliesMy heart will beThe bridge thatYou walk over The wolf hasCaught the chickenAnd now I feel unsteadyEmotions on the blink

That Day (Moment Of Clarity)

That day, that dayWhat a mess what a marvelI walked into that cloud againAnd I lost myselfAnd I’m sad, sad, sadSmall, alone, scaredCraving purityA fragile mind andA gentle spiritThat day, that dayWhat a marvellous messThis is all that I can doI’m done to be meSad, scared, small, alone, beautifulIt’s supposed to be like thisI accept

Big Mistake

There’s no sign on the gateAnd there’s mud on your faceDon’t you think it’s time we re-investigate this situationPut some fruit on your plate You forgotten how it startedClose your eyesThink of all the bubbles of love we madeAnd you’re down on your kneesIt’s too lateOh don’t come crawlin’And you lie by my feetWhat a


Everybody’s been in my face, tellin’ me I gotta make a changeAll I ever hear day and night is"You better hurry up and get a life"I need some direction, cause the clock is tickin’ away Then a friend of a friend of mine says I’ve really been on his mindAnd wants to go out and

Left Of The Middle

End of the third round as I put the phone downChasing the same lines over the old groundI’m pushing zero, where is my heroHe’s out there somewhere, left of the middle And your world falls down and you’re the calling outBut it’s something I can’t sayThough it seems the only wayBut it’s a game that


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