Melissa Etheridge


They say that they don’t know meNever saw my faceAnd if they’ve never been thereCan they be sure there’s such a placeThey think if they don’t answerThe world will pass them byBut there’s a fire in their kitchenAnd the water’s three feet high and risin’ My belovedThe only one I see standing up for me

Angels Would Fall

The rope that’s wrapped around meIs cutting through my skinAnd the doubts that have surrounded meAre finding their way inI keep it close to meLike a holy man praysIn my desperate hourIt’s better that way So I’ll come by and see you againI’ll be such a very good friendHave mercy on my soulI will never

Bring Me Some Water

Tonight I feel so weak, but all in love is fairI turn the other cheekAnd I feel the slap and the sting of the foul night airAnd I know you’re only humanAnd I haven’t got talking roomBut tonight while I’m making excusesSome other woman is making love to you (CHORUS)Somebody bring me some water, can’t


I met an angel on the street this morningMaybe it was late last nightYou see I haven’t been to sleepThere’s music in my feetAnd I haven’t stopped to think about it twiceOh yeah Well you wouldn’t recognize her this angelOh for she’s not the celestial typeShe had no pair of wingsI don’t even think she

Place Your Hand

I’ve an image in my pocketOf some dark demonThat temptation brought to lifeAnd it chokes all of my breath outI’m scratching and screamingTill morning comes to night CHORUS:Place your handMy body will decidePlace your handMy anger will subside There are fragments of possessionsShards of past relationsSplintering my skinA fear so black and hollowIt can suffocate


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