Maureen McGovern

Can’t Take My Eyes off You

You’re just too good to be trueCan’t take my eyes off youYou’d be like heaven to touchI wanna hold you so muchAt long last love has arrived,And I thank God I’m aliveYou’re just too good to be trueCan’t take my eyes off you Pardon the way that I stareThere’s nothing else to compareThe sight of

Rainy Days

Looking back on rainy daysHow I’d hate those rainy daysStayin’ home, watch the wind blowAll alone by my window Now, I love those rainy daysYou and I just locked awayLying here, love surrounds usThe skies are clear all around us Funny, for me, everything has changedAnd the bad days feel so fineFunny, you see, when

Bedtime Story

Love can be so hard to findDreams are never freeTime runs out foreverLike sand into the seaWe’re so lucky, you and IAnd night’s the place to be So, tell me a bedtime storyAnd touch away our caresMake a world for usAnd take me thereJust tell me a bedtime storyOf lovers and of friendsMake a world

I Remember

I remember skyIt was blue as inkOr at least, I thinkI remember sky I remember snowSoft as feathers,Sharp as thumbtacks,Coming down like lintAnd it made me squintWhen the wind would blow And ice like vinyl on the streets,Cold as silver, white as sheetsRain like stringsAnd changing thingsLike leaves I remember leavesGreen as spearmint,Crisp as paperI

Can You Read My Mind

Can you read my mind?Do you know what it is you do to me?Don’t know who you are,Just a friend from another star Here I am like a kid at a schoolHolding hands with a god, I’m a foolWill you look at me quiveringLike a little girl shivering?You can see right through me Can you


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