Macy Gray


we need the honey like the beesgimme soundneed to be touched by you but you’re not aroundforgivenessplease save some for mewash me downtill I’m newtill I’m pleasing youtill I am nothing but trueplease save a little for mewhere is the forgiveness that you promised meam I too lategone astraymisplaced the keys to all my churchesseems

Gimme All Your Lovin’ Or I Will Kill You

he drives a g wagonand he looks just like my dreamI been climbin’ all his mountainsI been swimming all his seas no matter what or how I triedI couldn’t get the man to fall in love with meturns out he likes the girls with long and wavy hairmine is short and kinkyI have lost my

I've Committed Murder

My baby works down at the boulevard café Just a fine young man with big dreams Trying to make his wn way The owner is this man ole bitch who degrades Him everyday Then she fires him for no reason Don’t wanna give him for no reason I’ve committed murder and I think I got


he tends to get carried awaylike a talk show he’s got drama everydaylots of rage and mental abusingthe way he treats me it’s obvious he’s confusingme for some dumb bitchwho will stick aroundI tend to stick around you tell me that you love me if it’s truewhy am I runnin’ from you and whoare these

Relating To A Psychopath

hot like hot wings with hot chocolate in hellcold like in my isolation cellin the winterwhile kissing mr. freezetake the weather manand blow him awaylove is a desert and i need it to rainyou are so good at keeping me company you are relating to a psychopathyour role model is in therapyyou must be real


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