Limp Bizkit

Hold On

you keep your distance i can’t deny you i’ve got the feeling can’t satisfy you i’ve got your picture on the wall i got the picture, long gone you keep your wishes i’ll keep my feelings there goes another one that kept me breathing i’m waiting for youi know your leaving i still adore you

Just Like This

Get up! Get up!Like This, just like this Do you wanna catch the vibe that’s keepin’ me alive?Following these fat ass beats till I dieFill em with tension, the sick dimensionRumble the earth with my lowered suspensionWatch the ground moveLet the sound proveThat it aint fake when the girls get nakedDon’t call it a comebackWe


Tell me why ya came, tell me why you’re hereTell me why your voice is always ringing in my earYou wanna be the manHangin with my crewWho the hell are you thoughI see you’re always at my shows, always with my brosAlways finding places where I think nobody goesI can’t seem to shake you from

My Generation

if only we could fly limp bizkit style john otto take’em to the matthews bridge can you feel it my generation get up my generation are you ready do you know where you are welcome to the jungle punk take a look around it’s limp bizkit fuckin’ up your town we downloaded the shockwave for

Secret Track (Stereotype Me)

Am I a freak in the darknessOr am I a misfitYou speak with opinionsTo seek in so deepBut it’s alrightWell your just an illusionConfused by your narrow mindReality is up ahead in the distanceBut that lack of persistence has left you behindNow you’re reaching for your sanityCause you afraid of me, so don’t fuck with


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