LeAnn Rimes


BlueOh , so lonesome for youWhy can’t you be blue over me? BlueOh, so lonesome for youTears fill my eyes ’til I can’s see3 o’clock in the morning, here am ISittin’ here so lonely, so lonesome I could cry BlueOh, so lonesome for youWhy can’t you be blue over me?Now that it’s over, I realizeThose

Good Lookin’ Man

I’ve been catchin’ a glanceDo you like what you seeEven across the roomYour eyes been talkin’ to meEasy to tell you’ve turned some heads in your dayHopin’ you’ll choose the next slow dance to walk my way Nothin’ like a good lookin’Good lookin’ manMore about you than meets the eyeI wanna know first handBaby, I’ve

Born to loose

Born to loseI’ve lived my life in vainEvery dream I dream is only brought me painAll my life I’ve always been so blueBorn to loseAnd now I’m losing you Born to loseIt seems so hard to bearHow I longed to always have you nearYou’ve grown tired and now you say we’re throughBorn to loseAnd now

Sittin’ On Top of the World

Never seen a sky so blueNever been happy with anyoneLike I am when I’m with you, yeahLook at the sun shining up in the skyI feel a little closer to heaven, babyWhen I’m looking into your eyesAnd as long as we’re together, boyI’m Sittin’ On Top of the WorldWanna feel this way forever, boyI’m Sittin’

But I Do Love You

I don’t like to be alone at nightAnd I don’t like to hear I’m wrong when I’m right And I don’t like to have the rain on my shoes But I do love you But I do love you I don’t like to see the sky painted grey And I don’t like when, nothin’s goin


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