Holly Valance

Help Me

Tell me how it feelsWhat you’re going thoughIt’s like a little too realA little too realTake another breathTake another dayGet a little sadLet it fade away Help me healThe way you feelEverything you concealLet me seeHow it feelsLike a waterfallYou know you can have it allTake my hand Help me help youHelp me help youHelp

Kiss Kiss

Mwah! When you look at me tell me what do you see This is what you get it’s the way I am When I look at you I wannabe I wannabeSomewhere close to heaven with Neanderthal manDon’t go, I know you want to touch meHere there and everywhere Sparks fly when we are together You

Naughty Girl

It’s after 12 Can’t face the dayRemind me just how hard it can be To forgetI said things I didn’t meanYou saw things you shouldn’t have seen Been a naughty girlReal bad so and soDone too many things a girl shouldn’t knowI swear I never knewI could hurt you soOne too many things a girl

City Ain't Big Enough

OohYeahOohAhh We met at workAnd we played from the startYou were the DJ I was working in behind the barOur love was suddenYou were doing something rightYou started seeing one out of sight In the beginning (beginning)When you were spinning (spinning)It was my song you were playingI was never sayingWhat I was feeling (feeling)What words


Why are you searching for another lover?Why don’t you give me some respect? I wanna strong, sensitive guyI want him brow, but ever so shyA gentleman with dignityIf you don’t get this, it ain’t youI wanna boy to make me feel fineWith a little look in his eyeGotta give as good as you getIf you


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